Chateaux Builders is a full-service remodeling company. You can rely on us to complete your remodeling project on schedule and within budget. Call us today! We will assist you with the planning and design of your dream kitchen, luxury bathroom, or bedroom.

Residential and commercial construction

Custom and Luxury Remodeling

Remodeling will not only increase the value of your home - but also transform your dream into reality! Our team will handle all improvement needs regardless of size and complexity.

Beautiful, spacious kitchen

Kitchen: Kitchen remodeling is one of the top two rooms in your home that will bring the most value for the money spent. Millions of homes are being updated across the country every day and the number one room to update is the kitchen. Chateaux Builders will customize your new look! We offer many luxury and custom features:

  • Porcelain or Travertine Floors
  • Granite Counter Tops
  • Tumbled Stone Backsplashes
  • Custom Wood Cabinets
  • Stainless Steel & Energy Efficient Appliances
  • Much more!

Chateaux Builders will "do it all" and bring new value, luster and efficiency to your custom kitchen.

Comfortable bathroomBathroom: Remodeling the master bath is the number two item being updated in homes across the country. You will find the value you seek in this area of your home. Bathroom improvements may start with necessary changes such as the installation of large, spacious tubs or jetted whirlpools. Other times you might wish to treat yourself to a luxurious bathroom with elegant sinks and fixutres, custom countertops and floors.

Elegant bedroom

Bedroom: In most cases the bedrooms can be brought up to date by simply adding some crown molding, removing the popcorn off the ceilings and adding a little hand texture while introducing some new paint colors. We can open up the bedroom and bath areas by taking out a wall or adding a fire place between the two rooms. The options are limitless!

Large sunroom with beautiful viewPatio/Sunroom: Adding patios and sunrooms, or other add-ons such as extending the laundry room or converting the laundry to a pantry and adding on a new laundry will expand your home which in turns adds square footage which adds value to your home. Many home owners are opting to add on to their home in order to meet the growing needs of new family members. The option to add rooms to your home are never ending and are definitely a custom item that deserves a lot of forethought as to the need and value these items will yield.

Custom built swimming pool

Swimming Pools/Cabanas: Add a luxurious custom swimming pool, water fall, spa and possibly a cabana! These additions offer a resort atmosphere and years of "fun in the sun" right in your back yard. Several of our clients find that with growing families and changing economic times that their exotic travel is restricted, but they have one resource which they can easily tap. Family and friends will enjoy a gorgeous pool or cabana for years to come.


A well constructed fence provides security and privacy, and a beautiful design will add to the marketability of your home.

Iron fence

Iron Fences: Nothing will add security to your home more than a solid metal fence. Iron fences are not only a great deterrent for intruders, but they can also add character to your home.

Wood fence

Wood Fences: Although we prefer the strength of metal posts set securely in the ground with concrete, if your budget finds it necessary we can also install wood posts set in concrete with many styles and wood species to choose from. Our trademark fences are made from high quality cedar.

Large iron gate

Gates: We also design and build some of the finest custom gate operators and electric gates. Call us for more information about your fencing needs.

Garden with white arbor frame

Arbor: A beautiful garden can turn your property into a haven of rest and relaxation, and arbor frames are a great addition to any garden. We can build the perfect structure to enhance the look and feel of your property grounds.

Let Chateaux Builders build your dreams!

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